Soulful & Unique

Describes the sounds and style of Dani Quayle. 

With a signature look and an upbeat melodic style, Dani performs from deep within to create special moments for her audiences. She is known for crafting unique spins on modern and classic songs and producing raw and original acoustic performances that flow effortlessly.

Showcasing her versatility as a performer, Dani is also an accomplished DJ. With her innate ability to curate, engage and connect with people, she reaches a wide target audience with her finely tuned collection of hip hop, house & disco, party tunes and chill out music.

Dani embodies a sound that translates from intimate settings to larger scale events with a decade of performance experience in the entertainment arena.  

Dani's innovative performances, soulful sound and friendly persona make her the perfect choice for your wedding or event.

Dani resides in the beautiful Byron Bay.

She is available for weddings and events from Byron Bay to the Sunshine Coast and Sydney & Surrounds



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